Kearney Eagles Riders Host 9th Annual "Souper Bowl" Benefit


Many people have their own traditions when it comes to how they spend their time watching the Super Bowl. And this Sunday, the Kearney Eagle Riders kept their tradition going by hosting their 9th annual "Souper Bowl", a fundraiser to help raise money for local organizations.

Folks at the dinner said that along with helping out, it was a great chance for fellowship.

"The Eagle Riders, we're all a bunch of family, we try to stay pretty tight," said Eagle Rider president James Whitsel. "And spending it -- instead of your family at home -- spending it with the public is pretty important to us."

"Super Bowl to us is gathering with family and friends, and we usually come down here," said Kearney's Kimberly Rahe. "This is an annual thing at the Eagles Club -- to the soup supper, support a good cause and cheer on our team if they're playing."

"It's an opportunity to be with friends and family and enjoy a little competition amongst everybody and still have a good time," said Kearney Eagles Club president Scott Gonewalter.

"The camaraderie, the gathering of people, the excitement of the game, the whole atmosphere is just fantastic," said Kearney resident Frank Dineen.

Sunday night's annual "Souper Bowl" event is the biggest for the Eagle Riders, and brought in over $1,400.