Kearney Family YMCA CEO on the Roof to Raise $10,000


A 24-hour fundraising campaign kicked off at midnight Thursday in Kearney, encouraging community members to donate to their favorite area charities.

And cold weather is proving no match for Kearney Family YMCA CEO Denny Placzek, who is hanging out on the roof of the building to encourage giving.

"I've got a blanket and hoods and a parka. So I'm staying pretty warm," said Placzek.

"Denny has been up on the roof since 5:00 this morning ringing the bell and will be up there until we reach our goal of $10,000 for our Strong FamiliesCampaign," said Cindy Mangel's of the YMCA.

The YMCA is one of about 100 local non–profit organizations taking part in the Give Where You Live campaign, and for Denny's sake the YMCA is hoping to reach their goal as quickly as possible.

The Strong Families Campaign goes to support families and youth that can't afford a membership at the Y, as well as sports program assistance.

"Denny's had a lot of encouragement as he rings his sleigh bells by the entrance of the YMCA -- people yell things up and he has his mega phone and he yells things back. And his cell phone's been ringing a lot too. I understand Santa might be calling soon," said Mangel.

And though it happens to be the coldest morning so far this winter, he feels if it will help get them to their goal and support the cause, then it's worth it.

"Anytime we can bring awareness to people reaching into their pockets and supporting the community, it's a fantastic idea," Placzek said.

Kearney Family YMCA was at around $8,000 as of 2:30 p.m. and the numbers continue to rise for the organization and the others as well, with total donations for the day of giving already at $156,000 and rising.

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