Kearney High School Happy With Chromebooks


Students at Kearney High School have been using Chromebooks in class to improve their learning experience.

After six weeks of using the tablet, computers teachers are happy with the technological addition to the classroom.

"We don't have to wait for a research paper; we can do small stuff -- teaching some skills like summarizing, paraphrasing finding resources -- a build up to the research paper," said English teacher Robert Mishou.

The Chromebooks allow teachers more time in class because of the ability to do all the work in the classroom.

"Now that we don't have to worry about the time factor we can be much more creative and use our time in terms of creativity, rather than moving around the building," said social studies teacher Amber Lewis.

Students also have the ability to find answers to questions if the teachers are busy helping out other kids in class.

"You can also get a lot of information from your laptop. If your teacher doesn't know, if your teacher wants you to search something; you can find a lot more information than your teacher knows," said junior Justus Hanson.

The students also say it is a lot faster to type notes on the Chromebooks, rather than writing them down on a piece of paper.