Kearney High School Responds to Student Looking at an Obscene Website


Kearney High School says at least one of their students was looking at a pornographic website using a school-issued computer tablet.

Officials said the school constantly updates their firewall system, but it's tough to block all inappropriate sites.

"The Chromebook didn't allow a student to access a Internet porn site, the technology allowed it," said Superintendent Dr. Brian Maher. "We've got to make sure that our technology is such, our firewall becomes stronger and stronger."

The school had students sign documentation that stated they cannot use school equipment to access inappropriate websites. And if a student breaks this rule, he or she may face detention, suspension or possible expulsion.

One Kearney High parent believes it's important for the parents to remind their children they can't be looking at illicit websites.

"I don't believe that it's the school's responsibility to police the children. This is more of a parenting issue," said LeighAnn Spellman.

Despite this issue, school officials say academically the Chromebooks have been a success.