Kearney Hotels Ready to Accommodate Lincoln Highway Centennial


Kearney motels are on standby to accommodate weary travelers, much like they did when the Lincoln highway was first introduced in the area 100 years ago.

The national Lincoln Highway Centennial celebration is fast approaching, bringing with it anticipation of many guests from both coasts, as well as all over the country converging on Kearney.
With over 1,600 rooms to stay in and more than 100 restaurants to choose from, Kearney's hospitality industry is ready to accommodate, thanks to the construction of the first transcontinental highway.
"What the Lincoln Highway did since it was the first trans–continental highway, really set the stage for tourism as we know it today and travel and commerce if you will," said Kearney Visitor's Bureau Director Roger Jasnoch. "And so that's what we're looking back on -- the opportunity in terms of what the significance of the Lincoln Highway development of our country."
One local motel manager takes this seriously, noting the legacy of a bygone era of the roadside motel, hoping to translate that history during next weekend's parade.
"I scrounged some outfits from the Kearney Community Theater to be a bellhop for the Midway Hotel, representing the Midway back in the twenties," said Rodeway Inn and Suites' general manager, David Holl. "So it's been fun reading about it, figuring out what I'm going to say."
The national Lincoln Highway Centennial celebration will take place June 30 and July 1, with events happening all over Kearney.