Kearney in the Palm of Your Hand


Kearney wants to put the city in the palm of your hand. The Kearney App is coming out next month as a way to get more people to stay and explore, learn and shop.

Reporter Lauren Scharf was one of the first outside its creators to try out the app on her phone. Scharf explained that it was simple, designed to meet whatever you are looking for and that there's just so much in there.

"People aren't moving towards desktops. They're going more mobile, they are getting more attached to their devices," said Travis Hollman, president of Hollman Media which is behind the app.

Society is constantly on the go, that's why Hollman Media designed an app instead of a website highlighting Kearney.

"I sent my people out last summer and told them, 'if there is a rock in town I want its GPS coordinates. I want to know its story. I want to know where it came from.' And that's what kind of level of detail we are striving for," said Hollman.

The Kearney App maps out specific interests geared to whatever the person with the device likes.

"We like to go big and we are on our way,” said Hollman.

Anyone will be able to look up news, events, alerts, local deals and the history of Kearney all with a push of an icon.

"Something that has been available for big box retailers through their apps but make it more hyper local, give some of the small retailer’s services industries and all kinds of different opportunities to kind of compete at that level."

There are things geared toward visitors but the creators said if you've got a free day, check out the app and you'll find something in Kearney you've never experienced.

The free app will be available for tablets and both iPhone and Android smartphones. Most local cities have a website but Kearney could be the first in central Nebraska with its own app.