Kearney Little League Needs More Baseball and Softball Fields


Kearney Little League is the winner of four state titles in a row, but now the league faces another problem: the league is growing fast and is in need of more fields.

This year the league is expecting around 600 kids to sign up. And the City Council estimates the cost of a new field complex would be around two-million dollars.

"It's really difficult to get that many kids on the amount of fields we have. We share them with many users on the great fields we have," said Kearney Little League Board Member Mike Koski.

Currently they have 35 teams to play at three different complexes, making scheduling games very difficult, as well as limiting practice time. This problem forces the 5-7 age division to play early in the morning during the week.

"We would like to see the morning program at night to make the kids games at night instead of the morning when they have work during the day -- one of those things, it's just the way it is," said Koski.

The league is looking at hosting a tournament this season to help save money to put towards new fields in the future. Kearney Little League will not raise their rates; they believe that move would hurt their numbers.