Kearney Man Who Made Threats on Job Application Makes Plea Deal


A Kearney man has pleaded no contest to making terroristic threats on his job application.

The plea was entered by 38-year-old Jason Dornhoff Monday in exchange for the dismissal of a felony threat to use an explosive charge.

Court records say a restaurant employee called the Kearney Police Department July 5, 2012 after Dornhoff filled out a job application and returned it with threats to kill written on the back of it.

Court records say Dornhoff wrote on the back of theapplication: "I have no money, a huge bomb in my truck, anda syringe of bleach that will kill you instantly. If you be quiet and help me,you won't die.''

Police arrested Dornhoff at gunpoint, searched histruck, and did not find a bomb.

Sentencing for Dornhoff has been scheduled for March 18.