Kearney Mayor Reacts to Public Funding for Archway


Thenext three years the city of Kearney will invest $225,000 in the Great Platte RiverRoad Archway. People in the community have mixed views.

"If itdoes bring more traffic in I think a lot of that traffic will be throughKearney and bring business here, I think let's give it a try for a couple yearslet's see how it does," said Kearney resident Walter Martin.

"A lotmore money was lost to people that were promised money, so I feel that a yearfree in the clear before funding would be sufficient, but no public fundingthis close to being bankrupt," said Kearney resident Jim Bunger.

Themoney for the Archway is not coming from taxes. It will be coming from thecity's KENO fund.

"Wecould have used those dollars on something else, this is important to I thinkthat by in large the council, it was important enough to allocate those dollarsat least to support this effort," said Mayor Stan Clouse.

Themayor says money for the archway could have gone towards ball fields, lightsand more money for parks and rec. Clouse says supporting the museum wasimportant because it is a symbol of Kearney.

"Wecan really look efficiencies that can be gained and do some due diligence inthe operation of it see if we get back on track so it is self–sustaining,without support from the city, the city, the county or the visitors bureau,obviously that's the long term goal," said Clouse.

The VisitorsBureau says they will put 450 thousand dollars in the monument. On December10th the Buffalo County board of supervisors will decide if they want to investas well.