Kearney Mom Accused of Child Abuse in Court for Prescription Forgery

Brittney Schlund

A Kearney mom accused of child abuse was in court Tuesday for a separate prescription forgery charge.

Brittney Schlund, 22, waived her preliminary hearing in Buffalo County Court Tuesday. Her case is now bound over to District Court for trial.

Schlund was arrested back in April, after she attempted to fill a prescription for Oxycodone at a local pharmacy drive-thru. The prescribing doctor said she had not authorized that medication. Schlund originally told officers she didn't know how the prescription was forged, claiming someone could have entered her home and altered it.

During the arrest, officers conducted a search of her vehicle and two passengers, 42-year-old Gregory Vorhees and a 17-year-old. They located a meth pipe hidden under a blanket in the backseat. The 17-year-old told officers Vorhees handed him the meth pipe when officers came to the car, and told him to hide it.

According to police records, Vorhees is a self-proclaimed recovering meth addict, and has a dangerous offender file indicating that law enforcement "would never take him alive."
Schlund stated she did not know Vorhees' last name, but says she thought of him as a friend, "almost like her dad".

Both Vorhees and Schlund were transported to the Buffalo County Jail.

After transport, Schlund changed her statement, saying Vorhees pressured her to forge the prescription in recent days. She says Vorhees claimed he needed the Oxycodone so he could sell it and make up a debt he owed. Schlund says he claimed to fix the toilet at her residence in exchange for the forged prescription.

Schlund also told officers that Vorhees made threatening comments about keeping her mouth shut, or he would "have some of his people come after her."

Vorhees has been charged with Prescription Fraud, as well as Possession of Methamphetamines. He also waived his preliminary hearing, and will be bound over to District Court for trial.

Schlund is currently awaiting her next hearing in a child abuse case. She and her boyfriend, 22–year–old Trey Tickle, are each charged with multiple felonies for the January hospitalization of Schlund's 5–month–old daughter for apparent shaken–baby syndrome, as well as methamphetamine ingestion and exposure.

Authorities say doctors discovered Schlund's daughter had significant brain injuries, and bleeding between her brain and skull when she was hospitalized, suffering from seizures and vomiting.

When questioned, Schlund and Tickle allegedly told police the baby might have fallen out of her child swing while she was being watched by Tickle. But doctors say that's a lie, and that a fall from a swing couldn't have caused those injuries.

Schlund pleaded not guilty to the felony child abuse charges. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.