Kearney Mom Charged in Child Abuse Case Arrested for Prescription Forgery

Brittney Schlund

A Kearney mom accused of child abuse for the January hospitalization of her infant daughter for what authorities are calling shaken–baby syndrome is in trouble again.

Brittney Schlund, 22, was arrested Sunday for allegedly forging a prescription at a Kearney pharmacy.

Authorities say Schlund and Gregory Vorhees, 41, tried Sunday to fill a fake prescription for the narcotic oxycodone at Walgreens on Second Avenue.

The mom of two was in court Tuesday morning to enter a plea in a separate child abuse case.

She and her boyfriend, 22–year–old Trey Tickle, are each charged with multiple felonies for the January hospitalization of Schlund's 5–month–old daughter for apparent shaken–baby syndrome, as well as methamphetamine ingestion and exposure.

According to court records, Schlund's 19–month–old child also tested positive for exposure to methamphetamine and marijuana.

Authorities say doctors discovered Schlund's 5-month-old had significant brain injuries, and bleeding between her brain and skull when she was hospitalized, suffering from seizures and vomiting.

When questioned, Schlund and Tickle allegedly told police the baby might have fallen out of her child swing while she was being watched by Tickle. But doctors say that's a lie, and that a fall from a swing couldn't have caused those injuries.

Schlund pleaded not guilty Tuesday to the felony child abuse charges. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

Her next court date hasn't been set.

Tickle, who pleaded not guilty to four counts of felony child abuse and one count of possession of methamphetamine, will appear in court Thursday.