Kearney Parks & Rec. Department Offers Opportunities to Get Kids Off the Computer


With technology advancing at such a fast pace, many worry that kids may be missing out on many different opportunities to develop and grow.

Facebook, Twitter and computer games are parts of a tech generation that are here to stay, but that doesn't mean kids have no other options for fun.

Kearney's Parks and Recreation department offers three seasons of youth programs to keep kids active and engaged. Add in trips to the library and afternoons in the park, and officials say it's easy for kids to find things to do around town.

"I know there's a lot of other different organizations that do offer programs similar to us all throughout the year," said KPR's Jade Meads. "I think, you know, if you look in the right places and you do your research, I think you can find a lot of good programs in the Kearney area for your children."

Officials say parents can also encourage their kids to take part in many of these programs to keep them active and promote social skills as well.

Find more information about the programs offered by the department on their website.