Kearney Prepares for Hy-Vee Traffic


The Kearney Hy-Vee will open in a month and the question is, "Are the roads and city ready for it?"

Over the past two years Kearney city engineers have been working on projects to help with the busy traffic flow on Second Avenue. After construction is finished, Kearney will have spent $3 million on roads around the new store.

"We got five separate distinct access points in to the area, we don't believe at this point in time we're going to need another traffic signal in addition what's on Second Avenue and 56th," said city engineer Bruce Grupe.

And if traffic does start to back up, the engineering department will need to do a study of that section of the street and decide if another traffic light is needed.

Hy-Vee is expecting a big crowd when it opens in Kearney; the store thinks they will have 50,000 customers the first week.