Kearney "Releaf" Program Aims to Get Homeowners to Plant Trees Along City Streets


The city of Kearney has created a program to get trees planted along streets throughout the city.

The program, which is being administered by the Park and Recreation Department, seeks to reimburse property owners 50 percent (up to $100) of the cost of an approved street tree.

City officials say Fall is the perfect time to plant trees in Nebraska, but not just any tree will be a good fit for planting near Kearney's roadsides.

To minimize risk of damaging diseases and insects, it is recommended that a mixture of tree species be planted.

The Nebraska Forest Service's ReTree Nebraska program recommends trees each year that they suggest be use more often in local landscapes. The list of 13 trees for 2013 includes: Baldcypress, Catalpa, Kentucky Coffeetree, Elm Hybrids, Sugar Maple, Shantung Maple, Chinkapin Oak, Bur Oak, English Oak, Gamble Oak, and Tree Lilac.

Officials advise that some of these may be better ‘street' trees than others and not all of them may be available locally.

Interested residents can find all the necessary forms and an approved tree list at the Park and Recreation office, 2005 1st Ave., or online at

Questions about the Releaf Kearney program can be directed to the Park and Recreation Office at (308) 237-4644.