Kearney School Board Approves Design for New High School


On Monday night the Kearney Public School board approved a design for the new high school.

The new school will feature a 29 percent increase in square footage from the current high school. That increase will allow the school to house 2,400 students; right now the administration expects 1,700 students when the new high school opens.

Construction is set to begin September of 2014.

Some people in the Kearney community are not happy with the design for the high school however. One concern that has been expressed is that the new school does not have a specific room for the orchestra.

"Makes it difficult for the orchestra to find a good time to meet, it creates creative scheduling, sometimes students have to pick being in orchestra or taking a required class they made need for graduation," said Kearney resident Tracy Falconer.

However project architect Jacob Sertich believes the design meets the needs for the orchestra program.

"There are spaces in the facility in the fine arts area that will function very well for purposes of orchestra rehearsal," he said.

Also seeing the benefit of a new facility is the auditorium, which will dwarf the current one. Officials said the new auditorium will have more than 1,000 seats, making it one of the larger auditoriums for Class A schools in Nebraska.

The design for the new high school has 27th avenue as the main entrance off of W. 11th Street. A giant glass "K" will be built at the entrance of the school.