Kearney Skatepark Nears Completion


A skatepark that’s been decades in the making is what skateboarders young and old in the Kearney area are patiently waiting on as the new Kearney Skatepark nears completion.

Skateboarders of all ages have been staking out day after day over at Apollo Park watching their long awaited skatepark come to life.

And they feel from the looks of it, the park will be the envy of the region.

Officials and skate boarders of all ages are gearing up and getting ready for the opening. Though they say an exact date has not yet been set, the believe it may be open sooner than expected.

"They’re really close to being done, and then Parks and Rec is going to bring shrubs and bushes to dress it up a bit. I don't know what day the grand opening will be or anything like that, but it's getting closer, a lot closer than we thought it was," said chairman of the Skatepark for Kearney Committee James Staab.

Through grants, fundraisers, donations and years of planning, the facility at Apollo Park is looking to be a premiere skatepark in the area.

Officials say there isn't much between Lincoln and Denver for this type of sport.

"It’s exceeding my expectations. Originally I thought it's going to be really hard; skateboarding's not as popular as other sports like softball, baseball, soccer and stuff like that. So I thought it was going to be a big challenge," said Staab.

Longtime local skateboarder Brian Aappelman is especially excited for the park.

For him it's a family affair. He’s excited to have an official skatepark for not only him to skate, but his kids as well.

It’s become more normal as skateboarders from the '80s and '90s are having kids that are interested in the sport.

"We just have a lot of fun. We come here and I try to teach the kids a little, especially my son Colby. I enjoy it a lot. I teach all of my kids. We all skate, it's a family thing," said Aappelman.

Soon the phrase “Skatepark for Kearney,” will be a memory of the past.

Officials remind skaters to stay off the new park until the official opening. And say they will let them know when that date is as soon as they decide.