Kearney Skatepark Supporters say Last Week's Drug Arrest was Blown out of Proportion


An incident which led to arrests at the newly opened Apollo Skatepark in Kearney last week sparked some debate and backlash amongst community members.

While some say they saw it coming, others felt the incident was blown out of proportion. Either way, it’s no secret that oftentimes skateboarders get a bit of a bad reputation in the community.

Within a week of the park's opening, a 16-year-old juvenile was arrested at the skatepark for allegedly trying to sell marijuana, and it didn't exactly look good for the new park.

Officials confirmed last week that two males were arrest on Thursday. A 16-year-old male was arrested on charges of possession and intent to sell marijuana, as well as attempt to flee.

The second, a 22-year-old man was arrested on disorderly conduct charges for trying to interfere with the arrest.

Though the incident did happen at the skatepark, locals say these boys weren't skaters themselves.

Officials say it was an unfortunate event and that these things do happen all over the community.

"It was an isolated incident. We get reports of people selling narcotics all over the city. The majority of the kids up there are great kids, great kids," said KPD Captain Mike Kirkwood.

Officials did say that they would start keeping a closer eye on the park, and also stated that they have been keeping a closer watch on all of the parks around Kearney in general.

Captain Kirkwood says vandalism has been something that they are keeping an eye out for because many parks in Kearney, but not including Apollo Park, have been vandalized.