Kearney Students Help Design New High School


Kearney High School students pitched ideas to school administration on Wednesday to help design the new school. Administration said they thought it was important to hear from students on what should go in the new the school.

Junior Abby Garden wants a bigger cafeteria, the current one is so small some students have to eat on the floor. Garden also wants the school to put microwaves in the cafeteria at the new school.

"Some students, they have left overs their mom left them to eat and sometimes you really don't want to eat a cold sandwich, kind of gross," explained Garden.

Junior Hannah Woodward has trouble getting to class sometime. Room location and crowded hallways are some of the reasons she struggles to reach her next class on time.

"Mainly you kind of just push your way through. I feel really bad sometimes because elbows are used, but I just have to get through the hallway," said Woodward.

The new school will feature bigger hallways and classrooms will be closer together. Additionally, the current KHS facility has special needs classrooms separated from everyone else; at the new school their classrooms will be around all the other students.

"My mom is a special needs para at Horizon middle school and I've just grown up learning to treat them just like you treat anyone else, they're people too," said junior Jaime Mendenhall.

Overall the students were very excited to hear the shape of the new school will allow more sunlight.

The freshman class will be the only current students of Kearney High School to experience the new school.

"To have such a new and improve high school, it will really benefit the community and the students as well," said freshman Faith Kowalski.

Officials hope to begin construction on the new school by September.