Kearney YMCA's 'Just 4 Fun' Sports Brings Keeps Kids Busy Through June


With day camps or summer sports, some kids don't have a problem keeping active over the summer break, but others may not have that opportunity.

One Kearney organization makes it their goal to provide fun for everyone.

"There's so many games to choose from, and I love capturing the flag," said participants Eden and Jasmine.

About 60 kids took to Dryden Park on Friday morning playing soccer, dodgeball and 'capture the flag'.

It's "Just 4 Fun" sports, a four week YMCA program that brings activities to the kids.

Now in its third year, the program has expanded to five parks across town...

"We want to make sure the kids are staying active over the summer, building a healthy lifestyle," said program manager Ray Longoria. "And we want as a YMCA to be engaged with our community, not only be in our four walls in the YMCA, but to get out into the community and get a chance to meet parents, meet kids, make an impact in our community."

'Just 4 FUN' sports is a free program and open to kids of all ages who just need to show up to participate.

REPORTER'S NOTES: 'Just 4 Fun' meets Monday through Fridays throughout June from 10am-11am with a different park each day.
Monday: Centennial Park
Tuesday: Harmon Park
Wednesday: Collins Park
Thursday: Pioneer Park
Friday: Dryden Park
More information about the program can be found at, or by calling 308/237/9622