Kearney's Housing Growth May Not Be Enough For Job Seekers

Despite the recession, Kearney continues to experience steady growth. But the amount of available housing may not be enough, especially when attracting potential employees.

New housing construction is popping up all over town. In fact, there are more new starts in single and multi–family units than the past two years.

While Kearney's low unemployment affects those looking for jobs, officials say it puts Kearney in an interesting situation when it comes to housing.

"We've really had low numbers as far as housing. There's not enough housing available," said Manpower Branch Manager Chuck Beck. "And so when we do identify some candidates who may not live locally they've had a hard time accepting positions because they're not able to find housing as well."

But with over 90 single family units and almost 300 multi-family units being built, officials say that's tremendous growth for Kearney.

"Developers aren't going to build housing until there's a need for it, and clearly there must be a need for it or else there would be housing being constructed," said Kearney Assistant City Manager Suzanne Brodine. "I think that the number of housing units going up right now is going to help meet that need, and hopefully reduce the pent up strain in the market right now."

Brodine continues, saying that Kearney is lucky to be in a position to continue to grow and add new housing, where a lot of communities may not be able to do so.