Kearney's Letter Carriers Collect Over 3,000 Pounds Of Food In 'Stamp Out Hunger' Food Drive


The postal service teams up with five different food banks to make sure families don't go hungry...

The annual 'Stamp Out Hunger' food drive was held on Saturday. It's the 21st year that branch 312 has voted in to participate in this event.

Officials from the United Way, who helps in the collections, say the need is here.

"Even though we're a community of abundance, we still need to recognize about 16% of our population is at the poverty level and most of those are working poor," said Kearney Area United Way Ex. Dir. Lisa Parish. "So they're struggling to pay rent, sometimes to eat is on the back burner, and how they're going to acquire their food."

"I think it just shows there's a strong base of people wanting to help in this community cuz that's what this is all about," said Kearney letter carrier Daryl Kozel. "This food's gonna go to five different places today, it's gonna reach a lot of people. There's truly a need for everyone that there's a shortage of food."

Items picked up on Saturday will go to pantries including the Jubilee Center, Family Tabernacle food pantry and East Lawn Ministries. More than three thousand pounds of food was picked up with more expected next week from rural routes. A collection bin will be available through next week for those who missed out on Saturday's event.