Keep Food Safety in Mind During Super Bowl Festivities


Super Bowl Sunday is no time to ignore food safety, especially when there is also alcohol in the mix. Keep your guests and their stomachs happy by following these basic food safety tips at your Super Bowl Sunday party.

Safety Tip 1: Keep Hot Foods Hot

All appetizers and dishes that are served hot should be kept hot. Try serving hot foods when guests are ready for them, rather than letting the foods sit out. Use sterno if you have a large buffet, or cook foods that can be cooked in and served out of a crock pot like chili, beef stew, Italian meatballs or Swedish meatballs.

Safety Tip 2: Keep Cold Foods Cold

Any food that needs refrigeration should not sit out for longer than two hours. Most likely any cold seafood dishes that are served, including shrimp cocktail won't last long anyway. Be aware of leaving sour cream-based or yogurt-based dips out, and be sure to put them back in the refrigerator after two hours.

Use small serving bowls instead of large bowls so you can replenish dips and cheese plates.
There won't be as much waste if food is not eaten and has set out for over two hours. Foods like hard cheese can sit out for longer, and so can most fruits.

Food Safety Tip 3: Store Food Properly

Once foods have been eaten and guests are ready for a different course, cover and store any leftover foods in the refrigerator. Do not wait until guest have left to put food away.

Food Safety Tip 4: Keep the Snacks Coming

Keeping an ample supply of snacks that can be served at room temperature is another way to help keep guests safe. A cracker platter, a bowl of Doritos, chips, pretzels, a pickle and olive plate, are all snack staples that should be replenished throughout the party.

Food Safety Tip 5: Personalize the Paper Goods

One way to help keep guests from sharing germs is to provide plastic or paper cups that can be written on or initialed with a Sharpie marker or make sure you have enough throw away cups and dishes so people can get a clean plate or cup every time they want to refill. If they have to ask if it is their cup, they need a new cup.

Food Safety Tip 6: Stock the Bathroom

Keep a liquid soap dispenser and hand sanitizer in the bathroom or bathrooms.

Be sure to stock the bathroom with hand towels or if there will be a lot of guests, use paper towels in your bath room.

Following these basic tips, the food at your party will stay safe, and the next day the only thing your guests will be feeling is the memory of a good time.