Keep Your Pet Healthy and Safe in Summer Heat


Kansas City – Summer is here and so is the heat. Inlight of the increase in summer temperatures, veterinarians recommend takingcertain precautions to ensure your pet doesn't suffer from any heat-relatedinjuries.

"It's less than aweek into summer and we've already seen multiple cases of heatstroke at severalof our locations," said Dr. Neil Shaw, chief medical officer of BluePearl.

"It's veryimportant for people to remember that their pets are sensitive to the heat," hesaid.

Vets recommend forpets to be kept in an air conditioned environment during the heat of the dayand to limit strenuous activities such as running and playing.

"Focus on outdooractivities either early in the morning or late in the day," Shaw said.

If your pet doesbecome overheated, spray the animal down with room temperature or cool water,but never ice water. Ice cold water causes a decrease in blood flow to the skinand heat can't escape the body, which makes heat exhaustion symptoms worse.

Don't give sportsdrinks or electrolyte supplements to pets.

Dogs cool off bypanting and they do not sweat like people. Supplements like sports drinks canactually harm animals and make pets sick.

Lethargy, vomiting,diarrhea and dark red gums are all signs of heat related distress.

If your pet ispanting uncontrollably or collapses, take the animal to your veterinarian ornearest emergency veterinary hospital immediately.

Pet owners shouldalso remember to make sure their pets have access to plenty of water at alltimes. Also, never leave your pet locked in a vehicle with the windows closed.

"Ultimately, anytime you feel your pet may be in need of medical assistance, please don'thesitate to get them to your veterinarian as soon as possible," said Shaw.

"Time is often thedifference between life and death."