Kenwood Elementary Unveils New Mascot


A Kearney school's mascot will become a little more lifeā€“like thanks to some thoughtful citizens and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Nebraska Game and Parks officers unveiled the Kenwood Cougars' updated mascot.

Exactly two years ago, May 9th, this mountain lion was found roaming the streets of south Kearney while students were walking to school.

Now, it serves as a peaceful reminder of their past and something they can call their own.

"I'm very happy that the officers came to respond," said Kenwood student Alec McKee. "Because if they didn't, children, adults, pets, property could have been damaged, hurt, killed."

"I think the overwhelming feeling I saw in the school is that these children remembered the day," said project coordinator Mike Mathews. "It's a significant part of their history; they remember when the mountain lion was loose in Kearney, and then to see it come back to their school, it's overwhelming pride."

"Lion Guy" Sam Wilson gave a brief presentation about the big cat's habitat before the unveiling.

The mountain lion will be permanently on loan and displayed at Kenwood Elementary.