KHS Class of 2013 Upholds Graduation Tradition


Kearney High's class of 2013 would have been the first in the history of the school to not get signed diplomas on stage...

So Sunday's ceremony was extra special for those seniors knowing they would, in fact, get their signed diplomas and have their photos on the stage.
Student officers successfully fought to keep the time–honored tradition going after administrators considered making changes.
Finding the right compromise was important for everyone.
"For the kids and parents, knowing that when they walk across that stage, they truly are getting that diploma," said KHS Principal Dr. Jay Dostal. "We've had 129 years of graduations at Kearney High School and we want to make sure that we honor the past as well as the present and future, and like I said we've got a great plan in place."
"We would love for it to continue on. Of course we need our future classmates to step up and really take some pride and continue this tradition, but that's why we did it," said KHS graduate Steven Lesher. "We did it for us, we did it so the classes down the future will be able to say they have the opportunity to continue this great tradition as well."
More than 350 students graduated at Sunday's commencement ceremony.