Kids Get Hands-On to Learn Future is Bright in Animal Science


The scientists of tomorrow are learning from animals with a unique hands-on learning event. Future veterinarians used a stethoscope to listen to a horse's heart, while kids also learned what makes a good steak.
Dr. Ron Rosati of the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture says the future is bright in agriculture, especially when it comes to livestock.

That was a big focus in Curtis on Thursday, for the seventh annual animal science field day for kids ages 8 to 18.

Extension Educator Barb Scharf said, "The career opportunities are endless. We help kids starting in fifth and sixth grades - what 4-H projects are you taking that you are passionate about? - and that's a way to think about what careers come from 4-H projects."
The event was a partnership between NCTA and University of Nebraska Extension.

Tune in Sunday night to NTV's Grow to hear from the kids who took part, and a mom who thinks there are many possibilities on and off the farm.