Kids Get Next Best Thing to a Snow Day


Wednesday was no snow day, but for kids at one Grand Island school, it might have been the next best thing as they brought their sleds to school.

When teachers at Wasmer Elementary learned many kids had never been sledding, they decided they owed it to the kids to give them that experience.

Kids marched in single file from school for a special field trip, one where they ditched their backpacks in favor of plastic sleds.

It's not just fun and games, but an adventure that serves as inspiration for a writing assignment.

Principal Betty Desaire said, "They're out here having the experience of a lifetime and we have an essay contest going and the best essay out of each grade level will win one of these sleds."

In a way, these kids are the reason a city without many hills has this place to sled.

The new and larger Wasmer school opened 12 years ago.

The city turned the site of the old school into a detention cell for storm water, and as it turns out, created a nice place to sled in the process.

Desaire said, "It was our old Wasmer School and that's another reason we enjoy coming down here."

Kids were thrilled to spend part of their school day on the slopes.

Eduardo said, "I was excited because..."

"We don't have to do school work," sled-mate John finished the sentence.

They tried this a few years ago and say the kids turned in great stories describing the experience, so they decided to make the best of the snow and repeat that experiment.

"It was amazing. So many had never been sledding before," Desaire said.

And if the kids were excited, teachers may have been even more excited. Many brought sleds and jumped on with the kids too.
Desaire said it was easy to organize. She said, "I called parents and said, if you have a sled at home, send it with kids on Wednesday morning. End of story. We probably had 100 sleds. Our families have been helpful to make this a true thing."
And if past experience is any indication, it could inspire some creative writing.
Desaire said, "The stories they wrote were phenomenal, the detail, description, excitement certainly came out in the writing. It was a wonderful event."