Kids Learn Fire Safety


"Ewwwww," came the cry from kids.

So it may not smell like smoke, but it sure looks like it, and that's the point, as kids experience fire without danger of the real thing.

A firefighter asked, "What's the most important thing?"

"Stay calm," came the response.

The message for third graders is simple. Stay calm and plan ahead.

Student Kosias Guico said, "You have to make an escape plan so you make a meeting so you can family can be safe."

Anna Alvarez got it too. "You have to find a spot where you have to get out," she said.

If kids remember nothing else, firefighters like Capt. Brad Laub want them to ask moms and dads to check their smoke detectors.

He said, "If smoke detectors are working, a lot of drills we teach as far as getting out safely and going through windows, they won't have to worry about it. With working smoke detectors, whole families can just walk out the front door safely."

Grand Island firefighters have installed nearly 4,000 smoke detectors in just short of 900 homes the past two years. As with school visits, the added benefit is teaching kids they're the
good guys.

"Not be scared of fire department personnel, whether we show up at a fire or whether we pick them up for ambulance call," Laub said.

Firefighters in Grand Island have been honored for their work with smoke detectors.

Thanks to grants, they've installed them in mobile homes, while also helping seniors and the hearing-impaired.