Knowing When to Water Can Help Get Best Lawn on the Block


Looking to grow the best lawn on the block, but drought conditions have you wondering how to conserve water, too? It can all come down to knowing when to use your sprinklers.

Spring means lawn sprinklers are out in force. The recent drought and last season's cold, dry winter took its toll on Nebraska lawns.

Landscaping professionals say some have to water when they can, but those with underground sprinklers have more options with timing. They say the best time to water is between 3 a.m. and 10 a.m., not in the heat of the day when evaporation begins to come into play.

"It's tougher, you are going to lose some through the evaporation just as it's trying to get down to the grass," explained Benjamin's Landscaping president Jeff Benjamin. "But again, if you don't have any other way to do it or if you're not home to water, a little bit is better than nothing."

Benjamin says you can test to see if it's time to water by simply pressing a screwdriver into the ground. If it doesn't go in easily, it's time to water. He also advises to hold off on watering when it rains.