Kool-Aid Days Races Draw Hundreds


Kool-Aid Days wrapped up with cardboard boat races on Sunday.

Ten teams came out to compete, down from last year's 18 teams.

But, organizers said they had a good crowd of spectators at Lake Hastings – an estimated 500 people.

"I think it's a good end to it. People get to come out, have Kool-Aid, have a good time watching the races and kind of wait for the next year," said volunteer Kip Sitzmore.

The crew rowing "Flint Michigan Tropics" dawned coconut bras with the goal of staying afloat.

"I believe this is our third year and we haven't gone far, but we've tried," said Bryce Emde, of Grand Island.

Emde’s team made it to the finish line for the first time this year.

Organizers said fewer boats are sinking every year.

"I think a lot of people take a lot more time building them now so they're a lot more water tight than they used to be,” said Sitzmore. “I think people would wait until the last week, just throw one together and would just go out and sink is what it'd do; so it's good that they're taking their time building them better and now we're having a little bit more competition."

Only the “Jolly Roger” sunk Sunday, after making it to the finals.

The “Unsinkable” had the fastest time at 1:07.

Among the judges was NTV’s Megan Johnson.

Miss Kool-Aid 2015 Brooke Ludemann also judged many competitions this weekend.

The North Platte resident even sang in between events.

Ludemann was crowned the week ahead of the festivities and experienced Kool-Aid Days in all its glory.

"I'm proud to say I’ve tried all 16 types of Kool-Aid here at Kool-Aid Days and I’m going back for my favorite, which is pineapple," she said.

Ludemann will represent Hastings and central Nebraska in the Miss Nebraska pageant in June.