Kool-Aid Days Underway in Hastings


From humble beginnings in Hastings, to a world-wide phenomenon, Kool-Aid makes kids of all ages smile. And this is the weekend to celebrate in the place that started it all.

Kool-Aid Days officially kicked off Friday in Hastings, with a big weekend of events still to come.

Things began Friday with a Senior Fest and the Jammers boat races.

Kool-Aid Days board member Pam Bohmfalk said they also host what they call "Klub Kool-Aid" on Friday night, a sneak peak event for members.

Bohmfalk said it's hard to tell how big the event is, since there's no gate and no admission to the events in downtown Hastings on Saturday.

Mugs are $2 for all the Kool-Aid guests care to drink at the World's Largest Kool-Aid Stand.

Saturday evening, events move to Brickyard Park with a "koncert" featuring a Jimmy Buffett tribute band.