Kot Released from Jail


A Grand Island man found not guilty of murder has posted bond. Arkanjelo Kot was released from jail on Wednesday.

Kot, 35, still faces a January court date. He's accused of assault while behind bars. But in the meantime, he's a free man. Jail records show he posted bond at 2:43 p.m. on Wednesday.

On the witness stand last week, he admitted to pulling the trigger. But he argued that he needed the gun for self-defense, and that the actual shooting was an accident.

He was a witness in a prior homicide. He was shot, and his cousin was murdered. He testified in his own defense, and talked about that shooting, and said he was living in fear. He also shared his life story of growing up in Sudan during a period of civil war.

The not guilty verdict came after five days of testimony and arguments. The jury could have opted for a lesser charge like manslaughter, but unanimously decided Kot was not guilty.

Judge James Livingston ordered his bond released in the murder case, as he accepted the jury's decision.

Hall County Attorney Mark Young said he was disappointed with the verdict, but said jurors took their oath seriously, and he did not want to denigrate their decision.

Kot is scheduled to go on trial in early January in the assault case.