'KPL-to-Go' Now Released


"You search for it on your phone, set it to be placed on hold, and you can actually stop on your way home from work to pick something up," said Mark Kovar, technology learning center coordinator for Kearney Public Library.
Kearney Public Library is now on the go. Their new mobile app titled "KPL to Go" is a name that describes the app 100 percent.
"If you're at Target, and you see a book on the shelf, you can actually scan the barcode of that book to see if we have it in the library," said Kovar.
Being able to take the library with you is serving as a mission that will hopefully have a chance to help maintain the above average literacy rate in Nebraska.
In the 2010-2011 school year, Nebraska scored below the national average in being "below basic" which is good and bad. We scored higher in both the "basic," and "proficient" levels, and below the national average again in the "advanced" level.
Overall, Nebraska is doing alright, with 72 percent of Nebraska students considered proficient in reading. Officials say hopefully this new KPL app will become an asset.
"I think it's just another tool in what libraries offer to the community. So keeping up with the times, as we all need to do, we need to be aware of how people are using the library and provide those access points where our users are...whether its here or remote," said Christine Walsh, assistant director for Kearney Public Library.
"Reading is important. It really carries over to every aspect in the rest of your life. Having the app allows people that are more on-the-go to use the library," said Kovar.

REPORTERS NOTE: Information according to the Nebraska Department of Education.