KPS Board Candidate Ann Snider's Involvement Is Key In Running


The Kearney Public School Board candidates are heading to the final month of campaigning as we continue our profiling series of the candidates.

Ann Snider came to Kearney 12 years ago after being raised in San Diego, California.

Snider's been going to the KPS board meetings since she's lived in Kearney and wants to go from sitting in the audience to being the one making decisions.

"I really have a love of learning and I think that just goes hand in hand with what I see in Kearney. Just a fabulous place to raise children and have kids go to the school," said Snider.

It's a place where Snider raised her four kids, and this mother touts her involvement with KPS as the key to her experience.

"I've been PTO president at my children's schools," said Snider. "I've been involved in other organizations, band, you name it. I've tried to be involved and be a hands-on type of parent. And just recognize that there are lots of positive things and also recognize that there are some things that really could be improved."

Such as the increasing enrollment numbers and where to put all the students in the future.

"We need to talk about the middle school and high school. That's definitely going to be the number one thing you're going to hear," said Snider.

And the formula for the amount of funds coming into the KPS system is something Snider wants to change.

"Bottom line it just needs to be more user friendly so we really understand what exactly we have to work with," said Snider.

Snider also wants to keep the KPS prestige alive.

"Kearney Public Schools is very well respected and I like that, not only here in the city of Kearney but also on the state level," said Snider.

And how does it feel to be a potential member instead of just being in the audience?

"It will just be maybe a change of my venue maybe in front of the room instead of the back," said Snider.

Snider also speaks fluent German and is currently working on a masters degree at UNK in education. She teaches international students English at UNK as well.

The election is on November 6th.