KPS Board Candidate Rosemary Northwall Presents Advocacy For Running


Rosemary Northwall is the second longest serving education board member in the Kearney Public School system.

She presents her teaching and counseling credentials in her campaign for another term.

She grew up in Omaha and taught school there before making her way to Kearney in 1972. She got involved with her children's activities when they went to Central Elementary in Kearney.

"I just love schools and so I just got started with a PTO there and volunteering at the school, and it just kept growing and growing until all of a sudden I ended up running for school board," said Northwall.

And since being on the KPS Board since 1985, Northwall has seen many changes.

"Oh the changes and the progress and especially this last bond issue that was passed," said Northwall.

Northwall says a main concern heading into the future is the is the school budget.

"They started with a system of equalization for state aid in the early 90's and that has all been changed and so schools aren't served as well," said Northwall.

She says her counseling experience helps her in the board meetings.

"It helps me learn how to ask questions to get enough information to make good decisions," said Northwall.

She also says communication is key for making the school board work.

"That's how you make a school system go is if people work together, teamwork makes everything different for kids," said Northwall.

She also says one of the main reasons she is running again is because she's simply an advocate for children.

The election is November 6.