KPS Board Candidate Tim Higgins Touts His Experience


Tim Higgins is no stranger to the Kearney Public School Board, he's been on it for 12 years. Higgins touts his experience as he heads in the final weeks until the general election.

Higgins felt the urge to run for the KPS Board 12 years ago.

"Well it all started when I moved to Kearney and we were involved in our school PTO at Northeast Elementary and we read in the paper that there was two openings on the board and nobody filed to run yet," said Higgins.

Higgins was elected to the Nebraska Board of Directors earlier this year.

"It's a phenomenal experience. I represent 33 schools in this area in Region 13," said Higgins.

He is a managing partner of the two Runza restaurants in Kearney. Which Higgins says adds to his financial credentials.

"I know about budgets obviously, and it's all about the bottom line in the restaurant business so I know where to make cuts," said Higgins.

Higgins says one of the main issues facing KPS is the number of high school students coming into the system.

With education funding unpredictable year by year how do education officials plan for the future?

"That's the million dollar question, no pun intended. But we don't know with the new legislators coming in; we don't know what to expect," said Higgins.

However Higgins does know the importance of experience to lobby for those funds.

"I kind of know my way around the capitol pretty well now after 12 years and I know who the senators are and they know who I am, and it's all about finance and I think that's where it starts," said Higgins.

The election will take place Nov. 6th.