KPS Students and Staff Head Back to School


The first day of school is always full of emotions, ranging anywhere from excitement to nervousness. But it's not just kids who have first day of school jitters.

Kids at Park Elementary in Kearney went back to school today, and many expressed what they are most looking forward to in the year ahead.

"All of my friends are in my class; getting to be with them, it’s just a whole lot of fun,” one student said.

When a group of girls were asked what they were most excited about they had numerous responses.

"I’m excited about P.E.” “Recess.” “The new art teacher,” another group said.

That new art teacher is Mikaela Richmond and like all the students, it's her first day as well.

"Oh it's so much work, a lot more than I could have imagined but it's so worth it," said Richmond.

Not only will she be getting to know all of the students at Park Elementary, she'll be at Emerson as well. She says she's excited to take on the challenge.

"Each kid has art class once a week so I get to see all 600 students. I get to see this core group every week, so I get to really know them and their personalities," she said.

New teachers have been having in-service the last week to help them prepare for the new challenges ahead.

Richmond says the assistance has been very helpful during a time that can a bit overwhelming.

"It was a little bit overwhelming to think about all of the things that needed to be done, but there's been a great support system here at Park and at Emerson as well. Anytime I had a question there's always someone there who could answer it and was very happy to help out, so that was very good."

Next week KPS will be back to their normal school schedule and back to the routine of Monday through Friday.