KPS Working To Improve Graduation Rate


With high school graduation just two weeks away, administrators are working hard to bring up the graduation rate.

Last year's graduation rate was a disappointing 84 percent at Kearney High, causing school officials to take a hard look at ways to make that better.

Major changes include weekly meetings, home visits with students and parents, even inviting past dropouts to finish their schooling.

But officials say these problems don't just culminate in high school, it's district wide.

"It starts early on in making sure we carry on in interventions throughout the grade levels from elementary to middle to middle to high schools," said KHS principal Dr. Jay Dostal. "Hoping we've identified students who may struggle with some academic issues and helping them along the way so they really can be successful."

This year's graduation rate is looking to be a bit better, with a future goal of hitting 90 percent.