K.V.F.D Seeking Recruits To Build Department


Local fire crews use a controlled burn to emphasize the need of new recruits.

There are about 70 personnel covering just over 270 square miles in Buffalo county. This scene could be someone's home or business, but Saturday, it was a training burn.

Members of the Kearney Volunteer Fire Department worked a live fire, showing the teamwork it takes to help build their department.

"We do have other jobs, and one of the great things is that when the pager goes off and we all show up on scene," said K.V.F.D Lieutenant John Keeney. "We have people who knows everything from plumbing to heating to construction, we do have people who do know everything about every type of building we come up to which is a huge benefit when it comes to a volunteer fire department."

Fire crews know it's a hard job, and do this strictly on a volunteer basis but also know at the end of the day it's all worth it.

"I've been on the fire department for 4 ½ years and the big thing is when people need you it's amazing the gratitude that people have when you show up, it really makes it worth the extra work," Keeney said.

Saturday's house burn was demolished for the future expansion of the new Cherry Avenue overpass.

Applications can be picked up at the fire station one in downtown Kearney.