K.V.F.D. Uses Live House Burn to Train for Future Calls


New fire personnel feel the heat in training, getting first–hand experience of how fire behaves to better prepare them for when a real fire breaks out.

The live burn is part of the certification needed for the Firefighter One class, but also provides all Kearney Volunteer Fire Department personnel a chance to experience fire in its natural form.

Officials say this type of training allows them to study the fire, how it moves, and how to respond.

"This is extremely important for us to train, to prepare for actual calls," said K.V.F.D's training officer Brad Anderson. "Our call volume of actual fires has been down considerably over the last few years and so this is an important opportunity for our members to see fires, see how it behaves and that we can actually use it for training purposes."

The house used in Saturday's training was damaged in a recent fire. Training is done on a routine basis at the K.V.F.D. training grounds.