Lack of Moisture Flares Up Allergies


Warmer weather is quickly approaching and so are those spring allergies. And the state's drought is not helping the situation because of the decrease in rain or snow to cover up the pollen.

"The allergy season is here," said Pharmacist Jerry Jensen from Medicap in Kearney. "We are starting to see pollen flying in the air, especially with the wind we have in Nebraska."

Jensen also says there will be an influx of people who need drugs to get through the allergy season in 2014.

"Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, these are all available and good antihistamines," said Dr. Philip Gasseling from Kearney Clinic.

"Antihistamines will help with the itchy watery eyes, the sore throat and drainage in the back of the throat," added Jensen.

Nasal sprays help, but Dr. Gasseling advises caution. "There are some over the counter nasal sprays that are not for long term use, like Afrin and Neo Synephrine," he said. "For those should be used short term, only they tend to work but can cause some injuries if you use them long term."

If over-the-counter medication does not seem to be enough, go see the doctor.

"If you are still having a tough time in spite of that, we can help you," said Dr. Gasseling.

Doctors can prescribe different and stronger medications, but an allergy test may really do the trick. Determining what sparks your symptoms can help doctors find specific allergy shots for you.

"I would say 90 percent of people have fewer symptoms on less medicine," explained Dr. Gasseling.

However, the doctor says the best course of action is avoidance -- closing windows, cleaning out air ducts and staying inside can be helpful.

For those who love the outdoors but still struggle with those tough allergies, doctors suggest carrying over-the-counter medicine with you at all times and even wearing a mask when doing yard work.