Late August Deadline Looming For New Pleasanton School Construction


Construction crews are working at a fever pitch in order to open classrooms for the first day of school.

The majority of the new Pleasanton school building has gone up in just three short months.

Crews are currently in the process of finishing the middle corridor, which will house new elementary classrooms. And while the August 26th deadline is fast approaching, officials say it's well worth it.

"By passing this $9 million tax issue, which was at the time supposed to be 30–33 cent levied, was one of the highest ones in the state in a long time," said Pleasanton Superintendent Ron Wymore. "I think that's just proof that patrons of Pleasanton School number one backed their school, and support the education their kids get here."

Wymore adds the construction won't be completely done, but teachers and students will be able to enjoy more spacious and comfortable environment when all is said and done.