Lawmakers Vote to End Mountain Lion Hunting Season, Needs Final Approval


A 28 to 13 vote by law-makers isenough to pass a bill to end Nebraska's mountain lion hunting season but don't expectit to be put into effect right away.

Senator Ernie Chambers introduced thebill because he said the state has a duty to protect the wild cats. Opponentsdisagree to a certain extent. They argue the Game and Parks Commission shouldhave the lee-way to manage the population.

The bill will now head to Governor Heineman for finalapproval

No matter which way the decision goes,the bill would not have an effect on certain situations in which the animalsare killed, like a recent incident on Friday.

A mountain lion was reportedly killedin Sheridan County but the land-owner said it wasn't hunted.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commissionssaid the 30-pound cat was shot Friday after it approached the land-owner'schicken coop. State law allows land-owners to protect their live-stock frompredators.

The landowner said the mountain liondidn't flee even when he walked within 15 yards of it.