LB-18: Putting Policymakers & Constituents on the Same Level


A lawmaker has introduced a bill that would boot the governor, attorney general, and other elected officials off Nebraska's state employee's health insurance plan.

The bill was just proposed Thursday by Omaha Senator Jeremy Nordquist. It would also affect the lieutenant governor, the secretary of state, the state treasurer, and the auditor of public accounts. Essentially, it would ban constitutional officers and all members of the legislature from participating in the plan. State officials would have to buy their own insurance through the private market. Nordquist says the measure would force them to face the same challenges that some officials are "blind" to.

"If we no longer shelter our elected officials, they may finally see the challenges that working families face. I think it's the right thing to do in order to create fairness, and to make sure our constituents and policy makers are on a leveled playing field," said Nordquist.

NTV attempted to reach out to those officials who could be affected by this proposal. However the only personnel who was able to provide a comment was Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy.

"I don't know the intent behind it. I believe it is a response to a plan the governor previously proposed," says Sheehy.