"Managing In this Golden Age of Agriculture" the Theme at LEAD Alumni Conference


Managing the critical aspects of water, marketing and real estate on the farm are particularly important to farmers during this age of agriculture, and were hot topics at the LEAD alumni conference in Kearney this weekend.

Efforts of water utilization and conservation were a major focal point. And while water conservation has been a hot topic for many years, event speaker and candidate for governor, Tom Carlson, says there's always room for growth when it comes to this important building block of life.

"Most people in agriculture are really making a good attempt at being better conservationists and being more efficient with the water that they have. There's still some room to go on that and they should never top trying. We can be even more efficient than we are today, which we need to do," said Carlson.

He went onto applaud those who were a part of the water diverting project during last fall's flood in Colorado, saying it was a success that ultimately added water to dry canals in the area.