Global Demand for Popcorn Requires More Farmers


More acres are needed in Nebraska, to grow a snack that's in demand across the globe.

There was a time Preferred Popcorn of Chapman raised more popcorn than it could sell.

Now they have the opposite problem. Movie theaters around the world want the Nebraska-grown snack.

But as they explained to Sen. Mike Johanns Tuesday, it's harder to convince farmers to grow popcorn.

Norm Krug said, "When we started, corn was $2 and we had a line of people that wanted to raise popcorn. Although, we can compete. Popcorn, because of the gift of expansion, it can compete with corn and ethanol and I'm a farmer and I'm glad we have good prices but we need support of local growers to meet new markets."

Those new markets are coming in places like China, where Norm visited last year with Governor Heineman.