Legislation to Clarify Organ Donation Question on Driver's License Application Passes


Lawmakers passed a measure recently to amend the wording on the state's driver’s license application regarding organ donation.

Previously, when applying for a license, applicants were asked “Do you wish to be an organ and tissue donor?” Now, the question will read “Do you wish to include your name in the donor registry of Nebraska and donate your organs and tissues at the time of your death?”

“The new language highlights two important components of donation--the donor registry of Nebraska and the fact that you’re signing up to be an organ donor after your death,” said Kyle Herber, president and CEO of Nebraska Organ Recovery.

The donor registry of Nebraska is the database that contains all of the names of Nebraskans who have indicated a desire to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. When someone has died and the circumstances for donation are met, the donor registry is checked to verify if the individual has registered or not.

In Nebraska, if the individual is registered, donation will automatically move forward. If the individual is not registered, family will be approached to authorize donation.

Registrations from the driver’s license application account for 98 percent of the donor registry. Individuals can also sign up at

The other change in LB47 clarifies that donation will happen after the individual’s death. This registry does not include those interested in living donation, such as providing a kidney or partial lung or liver to someone while still alive.

Herber hopes the new language will clear up any confusion about donation that may be preventing Nebraskans from joining the registry.