Lexington County Court Judge to Retire


County Court Judge Carlton Clark of Lexington, has put in his retirement notice after serving more than twelve years on the bench.

He submitted his notice to the governor setting his last day forDecember 31.

In a letter to Chief Justice Mike Heavican, Clark noted, "I have enjoyedthe honor of serving as County Judge of the 11th Judicial District andespecially Dawson and Gosper County courts. I will miss working with thededicated and talented magistrates and staff of both these courts."

Judge Clark took the bench in February 2000 and was retained by area voters in both 2004 and 2010.

Judge Clark has been very active in the Nebraska Supreme Court ‘Through theEyes of the Child' Initiative as lead judge for Team 1 in the 11th District.

Herecently made news with his distribution of comic and coloring books tochildren who attend court hearings in his area. Clark has actively encouragedthe distribution of these new items saying, "The booklets create an opportunityfor children to enjoy a familiar activity and relieve some of the stress achild may feel coming to court."

The first step in replacing Judge Clark will be for the Judicial ResourcesCommission to call a meeting to determine whether or not, based on judicialworkload statistics, his retirement creates a vacancy in the 11th JudicialDistrict.