Lexington Public School Says 11 Unaccompanied Minors at Their Schools


The border crisis hits home in Lexington. The district reports it has children in school that came to the United States by themselves.

The school received paperwork that indicates 11 new students were processed by Homeland Security and Health and Human Services. The school thinks these new students came from Guatemala and El Salvador. The kids are living with relatives or family friends in the community.

“I don't know any of the personal history of the kids, but for a parent to send their kid to a different country, it must be pretty bad,” said Lexington Superintendent John Hakonson.

None of these students speak English. They were placed at the middle school and high school by their age. The students will start their education at Lexington by taking level one of English as a Second Language.

The school adds all of these kids have received all their vaccinations.