Lexington Public Schools Helping to Bring New Life to Majestic Theater and Armory Building


Buildings in Lexington will have added life thanks to help from students at Lexington Public Schools.

Both the Majestic Theater and armory building have been vacant for some time now, but that will soon be changing as renovations and remodeling begins.

Lexington School Board members approved both the renovation of the Majestic Theater and remolding bids for the armory last week.

Nearly $200,000 in general school funds and grants will go towards remodeling work for the armory building and nearly $600,000 in private donations and grant money will go into reconstructing the theater.

Classes at Lexington High have had, and will continue to have a big hand in many aspects of the theater's future.

"We've brought in our construction classes, our business classes and our marketing and entrepreneurship classes. Those different pieces have been working on business plans and electrical systems and those kinds of things. Everyone has their own piece on how that all comes together," said LPS Assistant Superintendent Barry McFarland.

Community members are looking forward to having new life in the buildings again.

"A lot of great things are happening in Lexington and it's nice to see different private partnerships and bringing those kinds of programs in and bringing those buildings back so that everyone can use them as a community," said McFarland.

The school plans to house automotive technologies classes as well as construction classes in the armory building.

Updates to the facility are expected to be done this summer for classes to take place in the fall.

A timeline on reconstruction for the theater hasn't been set yet. Officials believe that timeline will be determined sometime next year.

Funding for the theater's projection screen and seating were not included in the current renovation budget, but officials say those funds will most likely come from private entities in the future.